High Speed Streth Blow Moulding Technology

Fully Automatic High Speed Stretch Blow Moulding Machine
1 The machine is controlled by High speed PIC System. Which is more reliable having less maintenance compare to any other controlled system.
2 In built air receiver tanks to get uniform pressure of Air at the time of blowing and machine operation. Which will assures give very good quality of products.
3. Auto preform loading system and auto feeding system provided in automatic blowing machines. Which reduces manpower.
4. Automized central lubrication system.
5. Balanced toggle system for clamping which will give position locking with very low maintenance .
6. Top blowing system In which the neck of the preform remained upper side at the time of blowing that is blowing is done with gravity and not against gravity so which will save energy.
7. Linear stretching system which will give more reliable and study results without any vibration or jerk.
8. Easy mould mounting system is provided in Automatic machine with hydraulic Jack is provided in automatic machine which makes quick & easier mould mounting

Touch Screen Terminal & PCL System
High-speed PLC : 14ns/command Flexible memory from 64kB up to 16MB Programmable backplane with STEP7 from Siemens Flexible backplane bus concept : Serial standard bus +High-SPEED-Parallel-Bus
Monocrome STN LCD
240 X128 (5,5")
Tones of gray /Colour STNLCD
240 X128 (5,5")
VIPA PLC System 200V
1 Upgradable and expandable module system.
2 Touch screen operator terminal with Large LCD display and direct manual operation key. Message texts (German or one standardized European Language).
3 Position measuring systems for moving platen, with accuracy of 0.1 mm
4 Set point input on the Touch screen in physical values or as a percentage of the maximum value.
5 Graphics supported input of set point profiles for complete cycle operation.
6 Fault diagnostics in the event of machine malfunction or operator error with plain text messages and recording of source of error with time and date.
7 Linear transducer error setting.
8 Mould heater controller on screen in case of hot fill container
9 Time and date display
10 Cold start prevention.
11 Setting of parameters and sequence programs via touch screen for strokes, speeds, pressures, times and temperatures.
12 Real time clock.
13 MMC card for data download and uplink
14 PLC terminal module with easy plug in type wire connection.
15 More than 1000 Mould memory.