FlexiPET 6000 (New) (Latest development)  
High Speed Injection Moulding Technology
1 Modular system by which automation can be achieved by adding
modules can by one.

2 Flexible machine - it is possibke to blow 20 ml bottle up to 6 ltr jar with wide mouth in the same machine with minimum change parts.
3 All the movement by lonear rails to avoid friction and allow smooth operation thus saves energy.
4 Preforms are loaded from top in closed mould condition.
5 Bottled are ejucted form mould with the help of auto un-loader.
6 Blowing air is supplied through valve block for fast and uniform distrinution in mould cavity.
7 5 cavity blowing system designed in such a way that bottles can be blown either in 1 cavity, 2 cavity or 5 cavity as desired to make various size of bottles and jars.

8 Special two trolleys are provided to collect the blown bottles and these trolleys has wheels.So that it can be moved easily and replaced by another trolley without interrupting the production.
9 safety guards are provided at preform loading and bottle
ejection section.
10 All the pneumatics valves and coils are mounted on a single plate.
11 Seoarate aur receiver for Low pressure and High Pressure
Provided inside the machine for uniform airsupply.

12 Air recovery valve is provided so that used blown air for the mould can be recollected and used again for low pressure application, thus saves energy.
13 The machine is controlled by PLC system for easy, accurate,
fast & trouble free operation.
14 Centralized lubrication system for all lubrication points.
15 Balance toggle system for a clamping which will give position locking with very low maintenance.
16 Linear stretching system which gives more reliable and steady results without any vibration or jerk.
17 All automation components used are CE-UL certified.
18 Machine is mounted on anti-vibration mounting pad.

19 Air regulatory valve are provided to control air pressure.

20 Totally insulated from inside to prevent heat loss for saving energy.
21 Variable speed drive to very the conveyer speed as per requirement.
22 Infrared heaters are adjustable as per requirement.
23 Gap between two infrared tube is hardly 3 mm, so that performs are heated in very minute fractions. Hence in one section of heaters 12 zones are provided.
24 Continuous rotation of preform in the heating without indexing system at constant speed enabling each preform to get evenly heated.
25 Single motor for conveyer and preform tatation.
26 Quick changable preform holder for jars and material.
27 Preform holders made from special heat-resitant material.
28 Individual temperature controller for each infrared and are
controlled by SSR ( Solid State Relay)